Canon 5D Mark iii vs Canon 5D Mark ii

If you still haven't had the chance to try out the new Canon 5D Mark iii and are wondering what it can offer more than its predecessor the Canon 5D Mark ii, here we are going to give you a thorough but concise summary of this new camera's strengths and why you might want to shoot your project with it.

Starting with the general layout and built, the Mark iii is simply a more solid camera. It is easier to grab and hold because it uses more rubber on its body. The layout is a little different, the LCD is bigger at 3.2 inches, compared to the 3 inches of the Mark iii and the viewfinder has 100% coverage (the Mark ii has 98%). Also, the Mark iii now takes both CF and SD cards which can be used to shoot images in different formats or for just plain back up.

When it comes to low light shooting, that's when the Mark iii will really impress you. If the top ISO of the Mark ii was 6400, the Mark iii can go all the way up to 25600 ISO native, also expandable to over 100000 ISO. In other words, the Mark iii is a low light assassin. You'll be able to shoot beautiful images in natural light without worrying about getting too much noise.

The sensor of the Mark iii is also improved. Not much, basically a little more than a megapixel with a 22.3 MP chip. You'll never tell the difference of course but the Mark iii has also an improved image processor, the 14-bit DIGIC5, just like the Canon 1DX's processor. Compared to the Mark ii's processor, it is supposedly 17 times faster. This gives the Mark iii the ability to shoot up to 6 fps, compared to the Mark ii's 3.9 fps. If you are shooting sports or wildlife, this will come handy.

The autofocusing system has also been greatly improved with 61 AF points arranged in a cross formation compared to the diamond formation of the 9 AF points of the Mark ii. Of those 61, 41 are cross-type sensors, meaning that they are responsive both in landscape and portrait mode.

Are you a very detail oriented photographer? Then you'll love the fact that the Mark iii offers lateral chromatic aberration correction. You'll have to dial in (manually) profiles for each lenses to make it work but this feature will help you make the best out of your lenses

As far as video mode is concerned, video shooters will love to hear that now you can shoot up to half hour of video without your camera stopping on you like the Mark ii did after 12 minutes of shooting. Also, the slow motion option of 60 fps at 720p is a nice upgrade which many music video shooters will love. Video can be shot at 24p, 25p or 30p with 1080p resolution.

These are some of the most significant selling points of the new Canon 5D Mark iii. The Mark ii is still a well performing DSLR and a good option for many types of shoots. But if your shoot is a little more demanding because of a low light situation, fast moving subjects or an artistic vision that calls for slow motion, the Mark iii will definitely be your best option.