Frequently Asked Questions

  • 1 ) Can the Canon C300 shoot both NTSC and PAL

    Yes, the Canon C300 can shoot both NTSC or PAL formats.

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  • 2 ) What are the recording times with CF cards and the C300

    When shooting with the Canon C300 at 50mb/sec at 4:2:2, 60i, 30p or 24p, you can record 40 minutes using a 16GB CF card, 80 minutes using a 32GB CF card and 160 minutes with a 64GB card.

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  • 3 ) Does the IS (Image Stabilization) feature on my EF lenses work on the Canon C300?

    Yes. If you turn on the IS feature of Canon EF lenses, the Image Stabilization will work if you use it with the Canon C300.

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  • 4 ) What lens mount does your Canon C300 have?

    This Canon C300 has an EF mount so you'll be able to use any of your Canon EF lenses, TS-E (Tilt-Shift), macro or fisheye lenses.

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