Frequently Asked Questions

  • 1 ) How big is the Panasonic AF100 sensor?

    The Panasonic AF100 has a sensor that is slightly smaller than APS-C sized sensors such as the 7D. The exact size is 17.8 x 10mm.

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  • 2 ) What kind of compression does the AF100 have?

    The Panasonic AF100 records in AVCHD format.

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  • 3 ) I attached a manual lens to my Panasonic AF100 and the screen is black

    If you attach a non native lens to the Panasonic AF100 you need to make sure that the "lens check" is turned off. Go to the menu of the camera, the last category is "other functions". There, turn off "lens check".

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  • 4 ) I'm looking for a "flat" look for my Panasonic AF100

    You may want to use a "flat" look with your Panasonic AF100 if you want to get the most out of post production color grading. Here's a Flat Cinematic look used by Marvel Films. It brings the color saturation down and gives a greysh look so make sure you don't use it with greenscreen:

    Operation Type - Film Cam
    Rec Format - 1080/24p
    Syncro Scan - 180.0d
    Detail Level - -6
    Ver Detail Level - -6
    Detail Coring - -4
    Chroma Level - -4
    Chroma Phase - 0
    Master Ped - -2
    Gamma - Cine Like D
    Matrix - Norm 2

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  • 5 ) Does the AF100 have XLR audio inputs?

    Yes, the camera has two professional XLR audio inputs, line/mic selectable with panthom power, manual level control and the ability to disable all audio gain

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  • 6 ) What kind of media does the AF100 shoot on?

    The camera uses SD cards, to be more specific, it is compatible with SDHC and SDXC media

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