Cartoni F126 Focus HD System

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The Cartoni F126 FocusHD System consists of a lightweight (4.4 lb / 2 kg) FocusHD fluid head, 3 Tube Tripod, and a mid-level spreader. Offering a 90 tilt and 360 pan range as well as a constant variable fluid-damping system on both pan and tilt movements, the Fluid Head system is compatible with all ENG and HDV cameras weighing up to 26 lb (11.7 kg), making it ideal for news operators and HDV videographers.

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In addition to a quick-release sliding camera plate, an illuminated spirit level and a telescopic pan bar, the FocusHD system also includes a counterbalance system that acts as a counterforce and provides a balance between tripod head and the camera. You can efficiently interface the F126 FocusHD System with 100mm bowl base tripods and supports.

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