Litepanel 1 x 1 Mono LED Daylight Flood Light

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The Litepanels 1 x 1\' floodlight is a compact, lightweight and versatile lighting fixture. Battery also available. We rent and deliver Litepanels in Los Angeles

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The Litepanel 1 x 1 LED Daylight is a great soft light that is silent and heat/flicker free. It only draws 37 Watts if plugged in and also uses a battery. It is compact, lightweight and versatile. The Litepanel 1 x 1 emits 130 footcandles from 4 feet. Litepanels lights can also be ganged together with more units to form bigger unites.

We rent out different types of LED lighting. The Litepanel 1x1 is a high end LED lighting fixture that is used in all kind of projets. We also have other LED lights available for rental at more affordable prices. You can also use these LED lights with a battery to shoot without having to plug in.

Shot On the Litepanel 1 x 1 Mono LED Daylight Flood Light
  • Good video about Litepanel 1x1 lights if you're not familiar with this fixture.

Frequently Asked Questions
  • 1 ) How much does the Litepanel 1x1 weigh?

    The Litepanel 1x1 light weighs 3lbs

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  • 2 ) How long is the Litepanel 1x1 light?

    The Litepanel 1x1 is 12 inches long and high

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