Panasonic AG-AF100

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The AG-AF100 HD camera features a Four Thirds MOS image sensor, AVCHD video compression, SD memory card recording, exchangeable lenses and XLR audio inputs. This is a very dynamic and high quality HD camera to rent for various types of projects.

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The AG-AF100 is a Micro Four Thirds AVCCAM camcorder with built-in ND filters, a waveform/vector-scope, HD-SDI and HDMI, a large 4/3-inch sensor and 35mm-like depth of field for the price of an HDSLR. It also looks and acts like a traditional video camera, with two-channel audio, and lets you capture images featuring wide dynamic range and detailed gradation with minimal blocked shadows or blown highlights in high-contrast scenes.

If you are looking for rental companies that offer HD camera rentals in Los Angeles, you found the right place. If you're looking to rent an HD camera, the AF100 will be the right choice for many types of projects. If your project requires you to use an HD camera and are unsure on which model to choose, give us a call and we'll help you find the right HD camera to rent for your shoot. At Los Angeles Camera Rentals we offer rentals for various types of HD cameras, from the AF100 to the Sony FS100, the Panasonic HPX170, HVX200, Canon XLH1 and even the Scarlet.

Shot On the Panasonic AG-AF100
  • This short video shot with the Panasonic AF100 was shot in slow motion at 1080p 60p. Lenses used in the project were Canon EOS lenses: 20mm f/2.8 and 50mm f/1.4 with Kipon EOS to m4/3 adapter. Graded with Magic Bullet.

Frequently Asked Questions
  • 1 ) How big is the Panasonic AF100 sensor?

    The Panasonic AF100 has a sensor that is slightly smaller than APS-C sized sensors such as the 7D. The exact size is 17.8 x 10mm.

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  • 2 ) What kind of compression does the AF100 have?

    The Panasonic AF100 records in AVCHD format.

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  • 3 ) I attached a manual lens to my Panasonic AF100 and the screen is black

    If you attach a non native lens to the Panasonic AF100 you need to make sure that the "lens check" is turned off. Go to the menu of the camera, the last category is "other functions". There, turn off "lens check".

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