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Paul Oshiro has "lost" a Canon 5D Mark iv and Canon 16-35mm f2.8 II package on 12/29/17.

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Paul Oshiro is a freelance photographer that rented from us several times beginning from August 2016, usually lenses. On 12/29/16 he got a great deal for a brand new Canon 5D Mark iv and Canon 16-35mm f2.8 II package for a New Year’s shoot.


He was supposed to return on 1/1/17 and that day he called us saying that he'd be returning the equipment in an hour, he was only waiting for his luggage. An hour later he called saying that the airline, Spirit, had lost his luggage and were trying to locate it and that the camera package was in the luggage.


After waiting several hours, Paul Oshiro said the airline had told him they had no idea where the luggage was and they were sorry. They had just lost it and they could not do anything about it. Paul said it was “not cool”, he had lost not only the Canon 5D Mark iv package but also his $2000 Gucci bag, laptop and all his work. He said we definitely needed to meet and discuss the situation. He said his insurance would take care of it.


We told him to meet the next day but the next day he was unreachable, and weren’t able to reach him to set up a meeting til a few days later and when he picked up, he said he was going through security at the airport, on his way out of town for a shoot and his “manager” Samantha Cady would handle the situation. We also asked for the documentation from the airline showing that they lost the luggage and he said his manager would handle it. After a few days of asking the documentation, Paul and his “manager” stopped communicating, answering calls, texts and emails for over a week.


We contacted Paul Oshiro’s mother on Facebook, Karim Lopez Bohorquez, and sent her a message explaining the situation. We talked to her over the phone and after going over the situation again she asked “Well, what did my son do wrong?”. We said “well, your son said Spirit airlines lost his $2000 Gucci bag where he had put our $5000 dollar camera package and when we asked for the documentation, he disappeared”. She said she would reach out to him and tell him to call us. We also reached out to his insurance company and they said there was no claim submitted and his client’s policy did not cover this situation.

After several days of still not being able to get in touch with him, we received an email from him saying that he had lied about the airline losing his luggage. He had simply “lost it” on New Years and he had lied about the airline losing the luggage to “buy time” to fix the situation and get a replacement. When we asked how he “lost” the package, he went missing again until we called his mother several days later. She said she would ask him to call us again and not to reach out to her again. When Paul called us his explanation for losing a $5000 camera package was that he had got very drunk and when he woke up the next morning he “didn’t know where he was” and the 5D Mark iv and lens were gone. He said again he made up the story of the airline to buy time to fix the situation which consisted in applying for a credit card but got rejected. We proposed to meet to set up a payment plan to start covering for the missing equipment. He said he couldn’t, he had $40 in his bank account, all of his shoots are unpaid gigs to build his reel, he mentioned that didn’t see a real possibility to be able to get any paying job for the next few months and that his parents would not be of any help as they already supporting him paying for “food and clothes” out of kindness.

In February 2017 he started making monthly installment payments of $300/month and after the 4th payment, he has gone MIA. We are trying to get in touch with him


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