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The NEX-FS100 is an interchangable lens camcorder that has a Super 35mm CMOS sensor of the same size as the F3. It is Sony\'s first affordable large sensor camera which captures fine detail and image texture with high fidelity and low noise.

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The Sony NEX-FS100 is an impressive companion to other cameras in the S35 line such as the F3, the F35 or the SRW-9000PL. It shoots 1080p video with a variable frame rate up to 60fps. It records AVCHD (like the Panasonic AF100) onto SD cards at 28Mbps or output 4:2:2 onto an external recording unit. Other unique features include a flip-out screen mounted to the top of the camera rather than the side, dual XLR inputs and a removable handgrip with a trigger. It can use Sony's E-Mount lenses as well as cine-style lenses with the right adaptors.

We are one of the few Los Angeles camera stores that carry the Sony FS100 super 35mm camera at our low daily and weekly rate. We are also one of the few Los Angeles camera stores to offer good deals for packages that include the camera body and a set of lenses. Give us a call or drop by our camera store and let us know what kind of package you are interested in. If you also need lighting rental, check out our lights inventory.

Shot On the Sony FS100
  • Interesting use of slow motion shots in a fashion commercial. Very cool lens flares that the filmmaker got by adjusting and holding the lens over the mount. Shot with Rokinon 14mm and 85mm.

Frequently Asked Questions
  • 1 ) How's the camera rated in terms of ISO?

    The FS100 is rated at 500 ISO which would be the equivalent of 0 db. Unlike DSLRs and the Panasonic AF100, the Sony FS100 uses GAIN settings. +3db is 800ISO, +6db is 1000ISO. Noise starts appearing at +18db, that is 4000ISO. You can crank up the gain up to 30db or 16000ISO. Also to be noted is that the noise looks grainy and almost film like compared to DSLRs patterned noise.

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  • 2 ) Sony FS100 audio problem-I can't hear one channel on my Sony FS100

    This is a very simple problem that comes up with Sony FS100 users. You plug in your headphones and can only hear one channel of audio while you see the levels. This is because the Sony FS100 has a unique feature which is located behing the camera. This feature allows you to "monitor" either both channels (stereo) or one in particular. So, when you plug in your headphones in your Sony FS100 to check on the audio and can only hear one channel, probably your control is set to monitor only that channel. Just switch to "stereo" and you'll hear both channels!

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  • 3 ) Does the Sony FS100 have built in ND filters?

    No, the camera doesn't have built in ND filters. You will have to use a matte box to add ND filters.

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