Sony FS700

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The Sony NEX-FS700 is a professional Super 35mm sensor video camera that is capable of delivering stunning images and also record super slow motion up to 240fps in full HD. The Sony FS700 has a 4K ready sensor, built in ND filters and an ISO range of 500 to 16000.

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The Sony NEX-FS700 has a native 4K Super 35 CMOS sensor that is capable of recording 4K images with an external recorder. When recording onto an SD card, the Sony FS700 records 1920x1080 video in AVCHD format. The maximum frame rate, when recording at lower resolutions is 960fps. When recording in full HD, maximum frame rate is 240fps.

The Sony FS700 has built in ND filters that makes it a great camera not only for professional narrative projects but also run and gun shoots. Dual XLR inputs also allow to record professional level audio with external audio recording devices such as lavalier microphones, shot gun or boom microphones.

The FS700 also has HD-SDI and HDMI ports.

If you need to shoot your project in 4K and need slow motion, we suggest checking out the Sony FS7.

Shot On the Sony FS700
  • Sony FS700 slow motion capabilities in action at 480fps. The Sony NEX FS700 shoots at a resolutions of 1920x540 at 480fps

Frequently Asked Questions
  • 1 ) I can't get the picture to an external monitor from my Sony FS700

    A common issue with the Sony FS700 is that sometimes if you connect an external monitor through HDMI, you are not able to send the picture to the external monitor. Go to your Sony FS700 menu, to the second section of the menu, the REC/OUT SET (the one with the arrows). The third selection is VIDEO OUT. Go to the "SDI/HDMI/COMPONENT" selection and make sure you have selected the right format. For most monitors you will only get the image if you have selected "1080i/480i". If you select "1080p/480i" many times you won't get the image.

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