Timothy Pojim

Timothy Pojim is refusing to return camera equipment he has rented from us.

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Timothy Pojim has rented from us a few times starting from April 2018. On May 17th he rented a Sony A7sii and Sony 16-35mm f4 lens that he was supposed to return the following day. We informed him that the equipment was already reserved for another rental and he told us he’d return by the evening on the following day. In the evening of May 18th he told us he was running behind because he was having issues with his car. Then after telling us he was on his way, he never came and stopped communicating. After a couple of days we reached out to his father to see what the situation was and he told us he’d get in touch with him. Timothy sent a text 2 days later saying he was having issues with his phone and he’d return the following day. Since then, he has yet to return the equipment. He is unreachable on the phone and we are in constant contact with his father regarding the situation. The following week he told his father he had the rental for the weekend when he had agreed to return the following day, then that he had actually already returned the equipment to somebody else at the office and everything was a misunderstanding. After informing him that we are in the process of filing a police report he texted that he’d be returning the equipment asap and that “his phone is not active” and can only text. He texted several times that he’d drop off the equipment the following day, then failed to return it. We are currently in the process of filing a police report for the embezzlement of the equipment.


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He is currently a student at UC Riverside