Zeiss 18mm/T3.6 CP.2 Compact Prime Cine Lens

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The Zeiss 18mm T3.6 CP.2 Cine Lens has a standard focus and iris gear position, the markings for distance are given in feet, 18mm fixed focal length. Covers ANSI Super 35 and Normal 35 image format. Good for PL, EF, F, E and MFT mounts that allow the cine lens to be used with movie cameras and HDSLR cameras.

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 The flexible design allows you to use it with both cinema and DSLR cameras. It is suitable for HDSLRs with APS-C and APS-H format sensors. The 14 high-precision blades creates consistent round and symmetrical iris opening over the entire T-stop range (T 3.6 to T22), for enhanced out-of-focus highlights and a smooth bokeh. The 18mm cine lens helps you provide a enhanced contrast, resolution and color rendition, and reduces distortion.

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Shot On the Zeiss 18mm/T3.6 CP.2 Compact Prime Cine Lens