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DJI Ronin M

Saturday, January 23, 2016



The DJI Ronin M is very similar to the original DJI Ronin as far as main function goes. The main difference is that the DJI Ronin M was designed lighter than the DJI Ronin. The less weight of DJI Ronin M makes it easy to transport and is more versatile than its predecessor, where the operator will find more ability to shoot wider variety of shooting scenarios especially when flexibility and space are variable to getting the shot.


The DJI Ronin M comes with a dual handgrip stabilizer with a 3 axis gimbal system, a remote control with transmitter (for controlling gimbal movement and camera’s panning, tilting). The DJI Assistant app features are the same as with the DJI Ronin. The Ronin M can handle a variety of cameras from a Black Magic Pocket Cameras to a Panasonic GH4. The max weight it can handle is up to 16 lbs with maximum dimensions of 160 mm x 195mm x 120 mm (width x height x depth).

The gimbal has three modes of operation; underight, underslung, and briefcase for shooting in different scenarios such as at eye level, lower ground levels to chest level and also for narrow paths. Just like the original Ronin, the gimbal is supported by intelligent brushless motors and uses the 4S Ronin battery.





The DJI Ronin M’s designed gives any aspiring or professional filmmaker the ability to capture flawless shots while panning, tilting, & rolling. This is owed to its stabilizer that is constructed with the dual hand grip and 3 axis gimbal.


The DJI Ronin M comes with two batteries and each one, fully charged, can last up to 6 hours. The DJI app gives the ability to calibrate, trim and customize every aspect from your iPhone or Android device. You can control the Ronin M from the settings set in the app or with the remote controller. The Ronin M automatically calibrates the camera when the remote control is switched on and can even be used to calibrate the Ronin M to locate the center. With a 2nd operator using the remote, a shot can be framed easily while the camera operator is using the Ronin. The price for the Ronin M is a competitive to the original DJI Ronin.



The simple 5 minute set up that is promoted isn’t always the case especially if you are not familiar with balancing. The set up always needs to be done on site and cannot be calibrated in the car while on the way to a new location to shoot. It is suggested to take time to become familiar with all the movements and adjustments of the DJI Ronin M so that set up and balancing can achieve a minimum of 5 minutes to set up, calibrate and balance.


Unlike the DJI Ronin, the Ronin M does not come with a case but can purchase one separately. Traveling with the Ronin M can be a challenging for those who do not have a case when they purchase the Ronin M. The Ronin M stands out when shooting in public in comparison to using DSLRs and tripods. You can attract some unwanted attention.