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Friday, March 01, 2019



The flagship GH5s is parts of the GH5 and the rest is a part of the incredible G-Series lineup that offers a lot to the prosumer and professional video producer. The GH5S has the 10.2 mp digital live mos sensor and venus engine with a first for Lumix dual native iso technology delivering the max iso of 5120.


Every review of the GH5S calls the camera videographers delightful approach to professional cinema. The superb low-light performance of the Cinema 4K format and the pre-installed Vlog color grading software allows an exceptional view into the dynamic range that this camera produces.


The incredible performance and specs of this camera makes it a must have for professionals seeking a hollywood esque performance out of a camera that is less than $3k. It supersedes the already excellent GH5 by increasing the bitrate of the images from 10 bit to 14 bit showing an unparalleled upgrade not only to it’s predecessor but also its contemporaries.


The resolution is also not a cheap trick. It keeps the 4K/60p performance of the GH5 and focuses more on the color depth. That and the 11fps images in 14 bit raw creates images that are unparalleled.


The biggest difference however is the use of the sensor’s “Dual Native ISO Technology” to get even more light from the darkest of areas.


This is no slouch in the still pictures department either. At 10.28 mega pixels it delivers exceptional performance, exceeding many reviewers expectations. Not to mention the incredible color depth that stands to perform.


Lastly, the preinstalled V-Log L recording and digital assist modes function without an extra upgrade giving exceptional color information for all your shots in Panasonic’s naive log format.