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Panasonic AF100 vs Canon 7D

Friday, February 08, 2013

For those of you who are trying to decide whether to shoot with a Panasonic AF100 or a Canon 7D, you might find this video of a test footage comparison interesting.

We have three shots here:

1) AF100 with a Tokina 28-70mm at f/4, recorded to AVCHD and transcoded to ProRes 422.
2) Canon 7D with a Canon 16-25mm at f/4 recorded to H.264 (they indicated AVCHD but that's a mistake) and transcoded to ProRes 422.
3) AF100 with the same lens but recorded to a KiPro through SDI and transcoded to 422

To be noted in this comparison is the typical yellowish tint of the Canon DSLRs that is obvious with this 7D shot, the slight shallower depth of field of the 7D due to the larger sensor size (22.3 x 14.9mm of the Canon 7D vs the 18 x 13.5mm of the AF100) and the difference between recording to AVCHD and the KiPro, which seems to have images with richer colors.