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Arri Fresnel Five-Light Kit

Arri Fresnel Five-Light Kit
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$80.00 $200.00

This Arri light kit has a total wattage of 1900. It includes 2 150w lights, 1 300w light and 2 650w lights with all accessories.

The Arri Fresnel Five Light Kit has one 300W Fresnel, two 650W Fresnels, and two 150W Fresnels fixtures. It's got filter frames, barndoors, scrims, light stands, a Super Clamp with mounting stud, a ceiling scissor clamp and a solid kit case to store and transport the whole package. Total wattage is 1900.

Shot On the Arri Fresnel Five-Light Kit

This video gives you an idea of one of the lights in our Fresnel light kit. This is the Junior 650W Arri Fresnel, the strongest light in the kit. The Arri Fresnel Five light kit has two of these lights in addition to a 300W and two 150W.

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Frequently Asked Questions
1 ) When I change a bulb of an Arri light in the Arri Fresnel Light Kit, can I touch the bulb?

When you place a bulb inside an Arri light never touch the bulb. It may burn or even explode. Use gloves or a cloth.

2 ) In what kind of case does the Arri Fresnel light kit come?

The Arri Fresnel light kit comes in a hard case with wheels.