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ARRI / ZEISS 14mm Ultra Prime T1.9 PL Mount

ARRI / ZEISS 14mm Ultra Prime T1.9 PL Mount
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The ARRI Ultra Prime 14mm T1.9 is a PL-mounted prime lens that covers the Super-35 format. The 14mm is a wide entry in the comprehensive array of Ultra Prime focal lengths from 8mm to 180mm. The Ultra Primes provide a compact, lightweight, optically-matched complement to the higher-speed ARRI Master Prime series. Compatible with both HD and film cameras, the Ultra Primes are color matched to each other and to the rest of the ARRI lens spectrum.

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The Ultra Prime 14mm lens barrel is marked in feet and has focus markings on both sides of the barrel, enabling the focus puller to easily work the side of the lens best suited for each setup. Its industry-standard 0.8 Mod focus and iris gears interface with manual follow focus units and with wireless lens control motors. All 15 lenses in the Ultra Prime series share common focus and iris gear positions, making for fast lens swaps with no need to reposition lens accessories. While most of the Ultra Primes share a 95mm front barrel diameter, the wide-angle 14mm has a 114mm front.

People tend to rent this will the entire Arri / Zeiss Ultra Prime Set.