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Camtree MB-23 Swing Away Matte Box

Camtree MB-23 Swing Away Matte Box
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$35.00 $90.00

This Camtree Swing Away matte box set up comes with the MB-23 Camtree matte box, the PROAIM X1 Follow Focus and the PROAIM RS-1 Rail system. 1 Tiffen 4x4 ND filter is included for an additional $10.

The Camtree MB-23 wide angle carbon fiber matte box is a solid but lightweight matte box system that will help you protect your lenses from extraneous light. It is easy to use and has a swing away feature that will make it easier for you to change lenses fast without having to take the matte box off the rails. This Camtree matte box comes with PROAIM RS-1 rail system and the PROAIM X1 follow focus. For an additional $10 you can include a high quality 4x4 Tiffen ND filter, either the 4x4" Neutral Density 0.3 filter, the 0.6 or 0.9. This swing away matte box also comes with foldable french flags, a fabric cover that completely eliminates light and wraps around your lens (knicker) and 2 4x4 filter holders.

Frequently Asked Questions
1 ) Can I adjust the height of this matte box?

The Camtree MB-23 matte box has a height adjuster that allows you to change the height of the matte box up to 25mm to match the height of your lens.

2 ) How much does the Camtree MB-23 matte box weigh?

The Camtree MB-23 matte box weighs 9lbs.