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Cinegears Single Axis Wireless Follow Focus

Cinegears Single Axis Wireless Follow Focus
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The Cinegears singe axis wireless follow focus comes with 2 units, a remote controller which you can use for focus, zoom or iris and a wireless motor that actually engages the gears on your lens.


The Cinegears Single Axis wireless follow focus allows you to control the focus on your lens wirelessly by using a remote controller and a control motor that mounts on 15mm or 19mm rods with a bracket. This wireless follow focus system comes with different types of brackets as well as replacement gears if you want to control focus on lenses that don't have built on focus gears.


This wireless follow focus is usually used with our Zeiss CP2 Cine lenses

Shot On the Cinegears Single Axis Wireless Follow Focus

Great video on the set up and pairing of the Cinegears wireless follow focus system

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