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GoPro HD Hero 2

GoPro HD Hero 2
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GoPro cameras are very versatile high definition cameras that are mountable, wearable, waterproof and equipped with a very wide angle lens that will allow you to capture amazing photos and videos in all kind of situations. We offer rental of GoPro cameras in the Los Angeles area at competitive prices.


The GoPro HD Hero is the latest addition to the GoPro camera series. It is equipped with a 170 degrees wide angle lens and shoots 1080p video and 11 MP pictures at a rate of 10 pictures per second. It is a small high quality camera that can be mounted on vehicles as well as on helmets or be used underwater. It is used by athletes as well as by filmmakers as it will allow you to capture amazing footage or photographs in any situation.




Shot On the GoPro HD Hero 2

This is a really cool video with a collection of shots done with a GoPro HD Hero 2. 

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Frequently Asked Questions
1 ) What is the iris range in the GoPro HD Hero?

The GoPro HD Hero 2 has a fixed iris opening of f2.8.

2 ) What are the time-lapse options in the GoPro Hero 2

The GoPro Hero 2 will allow you to select various time-lapse options, recording every 0.5 sec, 1 sec, 2 sec, 5 sec, 10 sec, 30 sec or 60 sec. If you are planning to shoot a cool time lapse video of a city scene, sunset or anything else, the GoPro Hero 2 will be a great option.