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IDX Endura E-7S 68Wh V-Mount Battery

IDX Endura E-7S 68Wh V-Mount Battery
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V-Mount Battery for Cameras, Lighting, Etc.

The IDX E-7S Endura Lithium-Ion V-Mount Battery is a Lithium-Ion (Li-Ion) battery pack. Precision mechanics give the E-7S a sleek design with a quick seamless V-Mount connection.


Lithium-Ion (Li-Ion)

IDX has embraced Lithium-Ion for its obvious advantages. Li-Ion batteries can deliver 40% more capacity than comparably sized NiCd batteries and are one of the lightest rechargeable batteries available today.

Power Status

Three LED lamps located on the operator's side of camera offer a quick-look reference of remaining battery capacity.

14.8 Volts

The 14.8V design of the Endura E-7S battery complies with equipment manufacturers' specifications, eliminating all 12V battery problems.

The Endura E-7S is designed in a 14.8V configuration with a full discharge rating of 12V. Therefore, the Endura will always deliver 100% capacity before the camera ever reaches its cutoff point.