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Manfrotto Sympla Shoulder Support System

Manfrotto Sympla Shoulder Support System
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The Manfrotto Sympla is a great, adjustable DSLR support rig that can be adjusted along 3 axis.

The Manfrotto Sympla shoulder rig is an off-set camera support system that uses a counter balancing weight on the back to provide a comfortable support system for your camera. The most interesting features of the Manfrotto Sympla are the variable plate where the camera sits that can be adjusted longitudically, vertically or laterally. This will allow you to position your camera in the best way possible. Also the handles can be adjusted to be in any position as they are connected to the rig with a swivel joint.

In general, this shoulder rig is built with solid materials and components that can be taken out and adjusted according to your needs and type of camera you're using.

This shoulder support system is often used with the Canon 5D Mark iii, Canon 5D Mark ii, Canon 7D and Panasonic GH4.