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The MoVI M5 by Freefly Systems has a very advanced stabilization technology that will allow you to get very smooth footage in any situation imaginable. By using the MoVI M5 you will bring big budget shots to your production.

The MoVI M5 by Freefly Systems is a very lightweight camera stabilizer that will allow you to walk, run, walk down the stairs with your camera and still be able to get a very smooth shot. MoVI M5's weight limit is 5lbs so it is perfect to use with a wide variety of compact cameras such as DSLRs. Some of the interesting features of the MoVI M5 include "Silent Drive", which will allow you to capture on camera audio without noise, "Live Wireless Tuning and Graphing", which allows you to change the gimbal's parameters wirelessly as you operate it and "Majestic Mode" which allows you to pan and tilt without compromising the stabilizer's smoothness.

The MoVI M5 is a stabilizer from Freefly. If you are looking for a more affordable stabilizer for your camera, we also rent the CAME-7000 3 Axis Gimbal.