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Panasonic AGHPX170

Panasonic AGHPX170
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The Panasonic HPX170 is a P2 HD video camera that records at 4:2:2. It has a new 1/3" progressive 3-CCD imager system, wider Leica Dicomar 13X lens and an HD-SDI interface.

The Panasonic HPX170 takes inspiration from the wildly successful Panasonic HVX200. It shoots on P2 cards, features an improved sensor which performs well in low light. It doesn't feature a tape recorder but has an improved wide-angle capability, vector scope, waveform monitor, HD-SDI output, a 6-Pin locking FireWire port, and 3 focus-assist modes. The camcorder comes with:

AC Adapter/Charger
AC Cord
DC Cord
Eye Cup
5400mAh Battery Pack
Wireless Remote
Microphone Holder
Shoulder Strap
Firewire Core
32 P2 Card

Shot On the Panasonic AGHPX170

Cool shots of Seattle with the Panasonic HPX 170.

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Frequently Asked Questions
1 ) My Panasonic HPX170 is stuck to 60fps and I can't change it in the scene file

If you go to the menu, then scene file and you find the frame rate to be locked in slow motion mode like at 60fps, the way to unlock it is to go to "recording mode", then select 720p 24pn or 30pn, then go back to the scene file and you'll be able to change the frame rate.