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Red Brick 153Wh

Red Brick 153Wh
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$20.00 $50.00

The Red Brick 153Wh are used to provide a durable power solution for your Red Epic, Red Scarlet or Red One cameras.

The Red Brick 153Wh mount on v-mount battery plates are used to power Red Epic cameras, Red Scarlet or Red One. The Red Brick 153Wh is the perfect power solution for your Red cameras if you have a long shoot and don't have the time to constantly charge and switch Red Volt batteries. Red Brick batteries are also used to power DSMC modules.

The Red Brick battery weighs 2.29lbs, has an output voltage of 14.8 VDC and is compatible with the Red Brick Charger.

We also rent Red Volts if you want to power your Red cameras through the DSMC Side Handle.