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Rolux RL-160Wh V Mount Battery

Rolux RL-160Wh V Mount Battery
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The Rolux RL-160Wh V mount battery can be used with any V-mount device. If you need some extra energy for a lighting system or just simply need to have some extra energy for your Arri, Sony, or Canon system you can depend on it to do the job.

The Rolux RL-160Wh battery is a lithium-ion chemistry battery that can be used to power your camera or portable LED lights. The Rolux RL-160Wh battery also features a P-Tap output to power 12V DC accessories.

This v mount battery is often used to power our Cinegears wireless follow focus

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Frequently Asked Questions
1 ) Does this V Mount battery have P-Tap output?

Yes the Rolux RL-160Wh has a P-tap output that powers 12V DC devices