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Tennis Ball Machine Lobster Sports Elite 2

Tennis Ball Machine Lobster Sports Elite 2
Daily Price Weekly Price
$30.00 $90.00

Tennis Ball Machine Lobster Sports Elite 2. Up to 8 hours battery life, triple oscillation feature, 42lbs weight, 2-12 seconds feed rate.

This tennis ball machine comes with up to 100 tennis balls. It has a lot of unique features. It has triple oscillation, meaning random horizontal, random vertical and random horizontal/vertical. Ball speeds in this tennis ball machine vary from 10mph to 80mph. The ball capacity is about 150 balls and the feed rate varies from about 2 to 12 seconds. This tennis ball machine weighs about 42lbs and has a battery life up to 8 hours. We rent this tennis ball machine for $30/day but half day rates of $20 are also available. We can also deliver this tennis ball machine anywhere in the Los Angeles area for an extra fee.