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XEEN 135mm Cine Lens T2.2

XEEN 135mm Cine Lens T2.2
XEEN 135mm Cine Lens T2.2
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The 135mm focal length is ideal for portrait shots by allowing working at a distance that avoids distortion. Its narrow angle of view and large aperture can also combine to focus in on the subject with a shallow depth of field to further isolates the foreground from the background for great creative control.

In order of introduction, the Xeen by Rokinon 135mm T2.2 Lens is the 6th of the XEEN Professional Cine Lens series. Like all of its siblings, the 135mm is built specifically for use as a cinema lens with the benefit of an image circle that covers a full-frame sensor.  With an all metal design that’s lighter weight than the competition, it offers spectacular 6K image quality and a full frame image circle plus great low light performance.

People that rent this lens tend to rent it with the XEEN 85mm lens.