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New Client - How to Rent

Ready to take your production to the next level? Get started below. Please note we are by appointment only and cannot accept walk-ins.
Rental Process (It's very easy!)
   1) Register via the form below
   2) You will receive an email with a rental quote & 3 minutes of paperwork
   3) Submit the paperwork.
   4) You're done! Now you can pick up & return within your chosen rental period.
Rental Requirements
   1) Security Deposit (determined by equipment value)
   2) For large rentals: Certificate of Insurance [COI]
      - General Liability coverage ($1M single occurrence + $2M aggregate)
      - Rented Equipment coverage (equipment value of rental at minimum)
      - Continuing Rental Fees coverage (determined by equipment value)
      - Our company must be added to the policy as Additional Insured & Loss Payee
      - Uninsured rentals incur additional fees.
      - Exact requirements vary by rental. Contact us for a rental quote before purchasing insurance.
   3) ID & Credit Card(s) on File
   4) Signed Rental Agreement
Due to an extreme surge in theft from rental agencies, all clients may be subject to a background check.
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