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Vivitek 3D DLP Projector DW868

Vivitek 3D DLP Projector DW868
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$30.00 $75.00

This high quality high definition Vivitek projector is used in many different ways, to screen your video project, to work with your editor while cutting your film, to help with your presentation, to add some cool backgrounds when you take artistic photos or just to watch your favorite movies. However you decide to use it, this projector will give you great images with true to life colors with no distortion.

The Vivitek DW868 projector produces vibrant high definition images with 4500 lumens of white brightness. It is equipped with a vertical keystone correction that will adjust your image on the surface where it's projected so that it will show no distortion. This projector has various inputs so it is very versatile. It has HDMI v1.4, component, VGA, RS-232S, RCA stereo, S-Video, Composite Video and an audio mini-jack. It has speakers and a 280W lamp. The keystone, focus and zoom will make sure your image will be crystal-clear.

This Vivitek projector is usually rented with our DSLR photography cameras.